Private Portuguese Lessons at the Centro de Línguas de Lagos -Portugal

Private Portuguese Lessons

Centro de Línguas de Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Why not find out more about our private Portuguese lessons that are available online and at our language school (a combination of both is also possible). You might prefer private lessons 1:1 or 2:1 for a number of different reasons since it may not be convenient to attend lessons when they are being run, or you have a specific purpose for learning Portuguese. Some students just want to work at their own pace whilst others live some distance away from the language school so travel can be an issue. However, so long as you have internet access, you can join us online from anywhere in the world.

Flexibility to establish a timetable that suits you
All Portuguese language levels from A1 to C2
Online private lessons
Focus on specific learning outcomes such as preparation for the Portuguese CIPLE A2 exams
One-to-one lessons
Small groups, perfect for family, friends or businesses
School based private lessons

Our private Portuguese lessons give you the following options:

  • Option to start any time you want
  • Flexible number of private lessons
  • A course structure based on what you want and need
  • The cost can be offset by two of you studying together for the price of one student so long as you are at the same level. Perfect for family, friends or work colleagues

Some of our private lesson students come to us in order to prepare for external examinations. For example, CIPLE which is the exam that people need for their applications for Portuguese citizenship. We have successfully prepared a lot of students for this exam due to the level of experience of our teachers.

Why not find out more about our private Portuguese lessons, costs and how to book?

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