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  • Portugal’s demographic drama: ‘average number of children per couple down to 0.86′ 04/12/2020
    Portugal’s falling birthrates have been an issue for years, but new statistics show that the average number of children per couple now is only 0.86. This means that more than 42% of women of child-bearing age are without children. Taken by region, the only parts of Portugal where, on average, every couple has one child […]
  • Marcelo expected to extend Portugal’s State of Emergency to January 7 04/12/2020
    President Marcelo will be addressing the nation this evening at 8pm to extend the State of Emergency. Everything points to an extension to January 7. This is legally ‘unusual’, in that State of Emergency are only set to run for 14-day periods, but with Christmas and New on the horizon all parties have agreed it […]
  • Motorhomes parking in the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park 04/12/2020
    Dear Editor, On Saturday, November 21, there was some disturbing news emerging about some local people from the Vila do Bispo area getting together and taking it upon themselves to evict people in campervans from beach car parks in the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park. There have been ongoing problems with the arrival […]
  • Portugal’s economy waits for the storm clouds to finally lift 04/12/2020
    A few years back, I interviewed a professional yachtsman. In his mid-twenties, but with a manner older than his years, he made his living delivering yachts around the world. I asked him if he had ever been scared. He paused and then, clearly discomfited by the memory, replied that a few years earlier he had […]
  • Controversial ‘Salazar museum’ project runs into new ‘issues’ 04/12/2020
    The project to create a museum to the Salazarian years – one of the many dark periods in Portugal’s long history – has run into a new issue. PS Socialists believe it’s just not the right time to open what many see as a monument to fascism. There is too much “flourishing” in the form […]