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  • 53-year-old woman hospitalised after becoming trapped in Arade sludge near Portimão 09/05/2021
    A 53-year-old woman had to be rescued after becoming trapped in the thick sludge of the Arade estuary near Portimão on Friday. Maritime police and firefighters extricated the woman who had to be admitted to hospital, writes Correio da Manhã. The post 53-year-old woman hospitalised after becoming trapped in Arade sludge near Portimão appeared first […]
  • Covid self-scheduling platform now open to 60-year-olds 09/05/2021
    With Portugal’s vaccination programme now moving swiftly through the 60-69 year age-grouping, the self-scheduling platform (click here) is now open to anyone over the age of 60. The plan is for all 60-year-olds to have been vaccinated by the end of May. Meantime police agents, firefighters and parish councils having been dispatch to locate any […]
  • Scientists and fishermen step-up to save Algarve’s underwater reef, home to almost 900 species 09/05/2021
    A unique initiative involving scientists, Algarve fishermen, local authorities and Portugal’s  Fundação Oceano Azul (Ocean Blue Foundation) has come up with a proposal to protect the ‘largest shallow water reef in continental Portugal” – home to almost 900 species, 12 of them previously undocumented. The reef runs close to the Algarve coastline from the Farol […]
  • Soaring souls 09/05/2021
    Set your body and soul soaring with Kabinga Yoga Retreat. A handful of giggling women dangle in various states of asana from brightly coloured silks. A sight like this is not uncommon. In fact, inverted bodies are a typical feature at Kabinga Yoga Retreat. “We know yoga can be quite serious, but we try to […]
  • Portugal’s million euro hosting of EU Social Summit “a profound disillusion”, says Left Bloc 08/05/2021
    The Portuguese government’s ‘moment of glory’ during the all-too-brief six month presidency of the Council of the European Union was the EU Social Summit which took place in Porto over the last two days. But what did the summit actually achieve? Prime minister António Costa has told reporters: “We achieved an historic milestone. For the […]