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  • Racism in Portugal: Does the media disregard the country’s dark past? 20/01/2020
    In Portugal's parliamentary election last October, Romualda Fernandes, Beatriz Gomes Dias, and Joacine Katar Moreira made history by becoming the first women of African descent to be elected to Parliament. Dias, Gomes and Moreira all represent different political parties - the Socialist Party, Left Bloc and Livre, respectively - but their critiques of racism in Portuguese […]
  • Government slams claims that Portugal is China’s “special friend” in EU 20/01/2020
    Portugal’s foreign minister has rejected the idea that the country is developing a problematic reliance on China, as Chinese companies are expected to bid to invest in a strategic port project. Augusto Santos Silva rebuked this speculation by telling press that “a myth has been created that Portugal is some kind of a special friend […]
  • PAN Algarve makes peace with Olhão Council and prepares for “close cooperation in the future” 20/01/2020
    After a brief moment of conflict between the two entities earlier this month after a series of misunderstandings surrounding a public Q&A session with the Mayor in December, PAN Algarve have met with the municipality of Olhão to discuss animal protection, and to reconcile their differences.
  • Court rules against dos Santos over money-laundering tweets she calls slander 17/01/2020
    Citing freedom of expression, a Lisbon court has ruled against Isabel dos Santos, the billionaire daughter of Angola’s former president, who had demanded the removal of a set tweets written by a long-time Portuguese critic accusing her of money-laundering.
  • Works begin to prevent flooding along Albufeira seafront 17/01/2020
    Construction work aimed at reducing the risk of flooding along Albufeira’s seafront began this week and is expected to make this part of the city less flood-prone in the lead-up to the region’s flooding season in the coming months.

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  • Cooling of global economy “threatens 30 billion euros worth of Portuguese exports” 21/01/2020
    The generalised cooling of the global economy threatens 30 billion euros worth of Portuguese exports. This is the dismal picture painted this week following the latest economic projections published by the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Explains Diário de Notícias/ Dinheiro Vivo, Portugal wasn’t actually mentioned in the IMF’s report, but “the signs are very disfavorable, […]
  • Government to inject €1.4 billion into Novo Banco 21/01/2020
    The government is looking at ways to speed up the last phase of a recapitalisation process of a bank that was created from the ashes of Banco Espírito Santo which collapsed in 2014. Novo Banco will receive a one-off capital injection of €1.4 billion sooner rather than later which will enable the government to save […]
  • Portugal beats €1 billion contract investment record 21/01/2020
    For the second year running, Portugal has beaten the record for attracting direct foreign investment (DFI) with €1 billion of contracted investment. Last year Portugal succeeded in signing contracts for 80 new investment projects from 15 different countries. Around 75% of the €1 billion contracted in 2019 was from overseas. The information was released by […]
  • New 100% vegan eatery opens in Faro 21/01/2020
    A new 100% vegan eatery called Vegan Box has opened in Faro in a bid to prove to everyone that following a vegan diet can be just as delicious as any other. It is a family-run business located on Rua das Mestras where people can enjoy homemade meals, snacks and desserts, free of any meat […]
  • Inter-Club competitions 21/01/2020
    The preliminary rounds of the Inter-Club competitions are still being played between the Bowls Algarve competitions, getting all too close to the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Thursday, January 16 was the recommencement of the Super 10’s Competition, a beautiful, crisp, clear morning. Balaia and Tavira shared the points with four each; Floresta took six points […]