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Individual Lessons
32,00€Per Lesson1 Student
16,00€Per Lesson / Per Student2 Students
10 Lessons
305,00€1 Student
152,50€Per Student2 Students
135,00€Per Student3 Students
115,00€Per Student4-8 Students
20 Lessons
600,00€1 Student
300,00€Per Student2 Students
255,00€Per Student3 Students
220,00€Per Student4-8 Students
30 Lessons
885,00€1 Student
442,50€Per Student2 Students
365,00€Per Student3 Students
315,00€Per Student4-8 Students

Please note: 2 students studying together on the same course, which is ideal for friends, family or work colleagues, only pay for 1 person.


Note: 1 Lesson = 50 minutes