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Language Courses Overview

The languages we teach are English, Portuguese, German and French.  Students can choose to study in groups or have private lessons. Private lessons are a better option for students with limited time or specific needs.

Group courses
Private Lessons
Summer Courses (English)
Business Courses

English / French / German Language Courses

The English, French and German courses all have the same structure and objectives. Students who take these courses are usually Portuguese from all age groups and have a wide variety of aspirations and qualifications. Our main objective is to have courses which respond to the immediate linguistic needs – educational, professional and social – of the students.

Our group courses are structured according to the 6 levels of language proficiency in the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. They are held from October to June, with 3 lessons a week,and are divided into 3 terms. The students are assessed at the end of each term. There is an examination at the end of each course and students who pass will be given a diploma.

For more information, please get in touch with the school. It’s possible to have an interview with a teacher to assess your level and discuss your objectives.  The interview is free and there is no obligation to enrol on a course.

Portuguese Language Courses

We have group courses at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced.  All courses are for 30 lessons.  The focus in all our group courses is on conversation and having students speak Portuguese as quickly as possible.

Except in the case of beginners, all students who would like to join a group are interviewed to assess their levels.  The interview is free and there is no obligation to enrol on a course. 

Group courses are small (4–8 students) which means the teacher can easily focus on the requirements of each student.

We have really effective private lessons at all levels in English, French, German and Portuguese.

Private language lessons are ideal for a number of reasons, including:

  • A group course timetable is not convenient,
  • If you need to study specific material or
  • You simply prefer to learn at your own pace.

Private lessons can start at any time. The length and structure of the courses depend on the students’ requirements. It’s important that the teachers have as much information about why the students are studying a language so that lessons can be personalized to each student.

The cost of 1 private lesson is for 1 or 2 students studying together.  This is perfect for friends, family members or work colleagues.

We also prepare private students for external examinations, such as IELTS, Cambridge English and those required for Portuguese nationality.

Summer Language Courses (English)

All our English summer language courses are held in July and have 6 lessons a week.

Children and Teenagers

These courses are really popular. They are lively and exciting, with games and activities. We feel it is extremely important that our students are motivated and get the most from the courses. The teachers pay special attention to speaking skills and the consolidation of school material. As each lesson focuses on a different topic, students can join these courses at any time.

Adults - Beginners

This course is designed to give students a solid introduction to the language.

Adults Conversation

This course is ideal for students who have a basic knowledge of English. The aim of this course is for students to improve their spoken English and increase their vocabulary. The teacher will also introduce any vocabulary, phrases, etc, necessary for the students’ work or interests.

Courses for Local Businesses

We have a lot of experience in providing tailor made courses to meet the needs of local businesses and services. For example, we have provided courses for employees of the town hall, restaurants, hotels, banks, architecture companies, hospitals and real estate agencies.

Before any course starts, there is a meeting with the Director of Studies to find out what the company’s precise requirements are. A course syllabus is planned based on these requirements.

We know that every case is different and we listen carefully to what clients want from a course.  Restaurant employees, for example, usually want to focus on conversation only. While others, such as hotel directors and estate agents will also need to perfect their written English.

We achieve really good results with these specialised courses and the feedback from students has been that we have definitely improved their working lives and careers.

Course Dates