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Improve your English language?

So, you want to improve your English?

For many of us, learning a foreign language is just about being able to order your dinner on holiday. However, many people have a real need to learn another language, especially English, to improve their work opportunities or for study purposes.

For students who want to learn English, Centro de Línguas offers two options:

  • Short group courses for people who are complete beginners.
  • Private lessons

Most of our students already speak some English and come to us because their employers expect them to have a high level of English for their jobs or they want to improve their language skills to enhance their promotion prospects. It’s also noticeable nowadays that many universities offer courses that are taught in English so accessing these courses requires advanced English language skills.

It’s interesting that we often enroll students for intensive private lessons who are on holiday in Lagos and choose to study while here.

This is the beauty of private lessons; they are tailor-made for individual students with specific language requirements and time constraints. The results are quick and effective. Sometimes family members, friends or colleagues of a similar level want to study together. When two students have private lessons together, the second student doesn’t pay. This makes private lessons even more cost-effective than they already are.