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Car Parking in Lagos – Portugal

By 23/09/2018November 9th, 2022Lagos - Getting About

Car Parking in Lagos

Car parking in Lagos is available for all areas of the town except, for non residents, within the town itself. For parking close to Centro de Línguas de Lagos, we recommend you take a look at the information provided by Lagos Town Hall – see

What this guide does not include is a free carpark that exists behind the marina just off Rua Teixeira da Mota at Parque De Estacionamento De Lagos. If you are happy to walk into the Marina and over the bridge into town, this is a good option as there are always spaces.

Along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos there are a large number of parking places. There are two payment zones along this road, with Zone A (approximately all the parking spaces to the south of the marina footbridge) being more expensive, but these are also closer to the school. For some reason people think the cars never get checked for parking tickets, but this is most definitely not true, especially along this road.

For those days when it is raining, one of the most convenient places to park is at Aparcamiento Subterráneo on Av. dos Descobrimentos, 8600-250 Lagos. Note, however, that places are limited and that it does fill up quite quickly in the mornings – especially when the weather is bad. It’s not free of course but it isn’t too expensive.

To work out where we are located in relation to the car parks, please use the link below.